In the beginning of 2011, I set off to travel through India. I had little preconception of where I was going to go. I had nothing booked, no reservations, no attachment to what I was going to do or where I was going to be each day. I left my life entirely open.

My intention for the trip was simple: to make no decision on my own, but rather to listen to my inner guidance and do everything that it said, no matter how challenging, difficult, unpleasant, or scary... and then stay open to what happens.

I was transformed beyond anything I ever could have imagined.

I have never lived a more enriching life, wholeheartedly with compassion and love, and felt more fulfillment, gratitude, and connectedness, than since the moment I left. And even though I've returned home, the trip continues on.

This site contains the insights, practices, and revelations that came to me on my trip and the weeks of meditation following. They are reflections on living, some of which have been said before and will be said again by different voices and perspectives, that came to me experientially through living openly. I've also included my personal practices and meditations, in hopes that they will help others in embracing openness and listening to and following the truth within.

- Joshua Seaman