Every person is an expression of the Divine. Beneath the illusion of our separateness, our consciousness is one. It is through becoming aware of our fears and the ego attachments that they sustain, that the illusion of separateness is dissolved.

As such, our purpose in life is not necessarily to do something, but rather to be : to be the fullness of that unique expression of the Divine that we are, moving through love and not in reaction to fear.

This doesn't mean that everything is good and pleasant and enjoyable. It's not about being perfect, as we all (myself included!) have to live every day with our own imperfections and the challenges they bring. Rather, it is about being fully human. About embracing the full spectrum of the human experience, in all of its joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, emotions and thoughts, turmoil and peacefulness, both internally and in relationship with others and our community. It's about exploring the truth of who we are and what we are experiencing. We are the Divine in form, and our spirituality is inseparable from our humanity.

I offer these insights and practices, not because I have something to gain, but because I have no other choice but to give. In profound gratitude for the way my experience of life has transformed, my intention is that these offerings will give others the tools which have served me, and help them to embrace openness, listen to the truth within, and follow it on the path of self-exploration and Self-realization.


Additional Information:

All of the photos used on this site were taken on my journey through India, and can be seen in this India photo collection.