Anything you do with love in your heart is an act of worship.

Let your will to live fully be stronger than the barrier to your comfort zone.

Gratitude is one of the mightiest prayers.

You cannot be a lover of the Divine and not fully love yourself.
In order to love the Divine in its wholeness, you must love yourself, for you are the Divine.  You must also accept with love everything in the world, and everyone in the world
(no matter how much they rub you the wrong way) for they too are the Divine.

If your mind becomes your prison, abandon your mind and flee for your heart.

Being perfect does not make you happy.
Being happy makes you perfect.

The practice of recognizing the Divine in someone else despite how they feel and act towards you or others, is a true embodiment of compassion.

Dilate your heart and give birth to a new You.

The world is too big to see and experience everything.  So is life.  When you find a place that feels good, stay a while and savor the experience.  

Surrendering to Guidance is surrendering to a life of service.  
Sometimes you may recognize the significance of your service.  
Other times your service is beyond your understanding.
Either way, it is service to that which is greater than any conception of yourself.

When you are at war with the Divine,
the only path to peace
is to surrender.

Long to know the Divine in its many forms.

Consciously approach everything you do with love in your heart.

It can be difficult to keep following the voice of guidance when you're in the dark about what's going on.  See it as a treasure hunt - because there usually is a treasure at the end which is exactly what serves you best right now :) 

The process of unveiling Self is a true treasure hunt of its own.

Many times in life we get frustrated because we cannot see the meaning of the steps in a mystery,
in The Mystery.  But every moment is a stepping stone, and an opportunity to stay present.

Allow your creations to be the unabashed and perfectly imperfect expressions of life
that are authentically you.

In life, things come and things go.  And life always moves on.  Everything is a gift from Spirit, even your body, which you will eventually have to let go of.  Living in fear of loss is propelled by the illusion that material things belong to you, or that you can hold on to states of mind.  

Recognize that the Divinity in people outshines their human faults.  
Forgive others as well as yourself.

Remember to celebrate your life.

In life, as in travel, the farther you get along, the more you appreciate the experience.

Life doesn't all of a sudden get easier at a certain point.  But we can come to an understanding of ourselves where we recognize when our not-conscious behaviors are manifesting, and catch them and practice mindfulness sooner.

It's easy to start feeling as though you're lost,
or that you took a wrong turn somewhere in the past.  
As long as you are checking in with your Guidance,
you are experiencing what it serves you to experience right now.

The veritable challenge of living with Guidance lies in remaining inquisitive in your dialogue with your Guidance, while at the same time being comfortable with not knowing the whole picture.

Have fun dancing in the Mystery of it all.  

Often times it is easy to lose touch with our self and what is true for us, in our interactions with others and the world.  The solution to losing your groundedness around others is to practice staying in your senses instead of your thoughts.  Instead of letting your drop of water keep losing itself in the ocean, invite the ocean to find itself in your drop.  
Instead of reaching out to the world, be what is true for you, and let the world come to you.

Much of our lives are spent waiting.  Yet, it's not waiting.  If you are in presence, it is being.  
It is an integral part of the human experience.  
Utilize the moments in your life of waiting as an opportunity to be present.

Be your relationship with the Divine.  

Guidance always speaks in terms you can understand.  Getting to what really serves you sometimes takes more than one or two steps.  Practice trust while following in the dark.

Guidance will sometimes lead you in a direction you feel is not the "right" direction, only to get a necessary piece of the puzzle that it serves you to have, before heading in the direction you feel a pull towards.

When you open yourself up to the world, and allow it to enter you, you are changed.  
The world flows through you, and you are washed away and created anew.

Become a gardener for Spirit.  

A life of service is the most difficult and rewarding path one can take in life.

Spirit works in synchronicities.  Follow them.

You don't need to smile for the world.  You just need to be exactly how you are in the moment.

If you trust your Guidance, and do only what it tells you, there is never a need for second-guessing your decisions.  The "should have / could have" thoughts disappear.  

Guidance puts you exactly where it wants you.  
Let yourself be free to fully experience wherever you are.

Any song by nature, regardless of its emotion, is a celebration of life.  

Accept things and people as they are, and compassion flows.

Most of our suffering in life comes from trying to control or influence those things
that are beyond our control.

Mindful living isn't about quiet and isolation from everyday life.  It's about engaging with everything in your life while staying present in yourself.

It is those simple moments in life spent with others that are a joy of the human experience,
and bring you closer to your fellow man.

The body is always present.  Align your mind with it.

As long as I follow my guidance and stay fully present with what is here for me right now,
I consider my life an overwhelming success.  

Love can make us feel vulnerable.  Embrace the idea of love for All.

Our minds write the experiences of our lives in our bodies.

Life has an intelligence of its own, and will find its own balance.

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